High School

The curriculum in the high school is classical in nature and focuses on developing the whole person by elevating the soul toward God through our Catholic faith and rigorous academic pursuits. To this end, students take a wide variety of courses where all subject areas are intertwined in an effort for students become fully aware of the interconnectedness of faith, reason, history, and logic. Students take a full course load culminating in upper level math, science, history, literature, composition and rhetoric, theology, latin, and performing arts. Both the study of Latin and the Performing Arts are compulsory at the high school level at SJBA as well as a deep study of our Catholic faith.

We strive to help the family form their young adults to be articulate, well-rounded persons. Within the classroom, teachers use a combination of lecture and Socratic methodologies to fully prepare students for success in all environments.

At SJBA, our Catholic faith is upheld as Truth and taught throughout all coursework. It is our mission that SJBA high school will train students to fully understand our faith and have the ability to use their knowledge of faith and reason to fulfill their role as the future defenders of our Church. Graduates will be prepared to enter the post-secondary school that is right for them with a comprehensive preparation enabling them to thrive both intellectually and spiritually.