The Hybrid System

The hybrid system of education emerges as an exceptional option for families by the serving the heart, the mind, and the home. Students in Grades PK4-8 are on campus 2 days a week, with the additional 3 days of study and reinforcement at home. Students in Grades 9-12 are on campus 3 days a week, with the additional 2 days of study at home.

The Heart

Our students are challenged to become the “best possible version of themselves” through the Cardinal Virtues of faith, hope, and love that Saint John Bosco himself employed. Our administration and teaching staff work to serve the whole person in all that we do.

The Mind

With a rigorous yet balanced curriculum, SJBA students are given the tools they need to excel academically through critical thinking, the written word, and the spoken word. Our teachers come to SJBA to teach the subjects about which they are passionate. They lead our families through the curriculum by writing the lesson plans for each course, and teaching key concepts during on-campus days. Parents follow the teachers' lead by reinforcing concepts, completing assignments, and assisting with grading their children’s work at home.

The Home

With this careful balance of “school days” and “home days” that the hybrid system offers, parents are able to remain the primary sphere of influence in their children’s lives. This extra time spent together allows parents to bond with their children and siblings to bond with one another, thereby elevating the family to its rightful place as the Domestic Church and as the very nucleus of society.